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Novelty Cakes

Visit your nearest branch to place an order for your novelty cake at least three days prior to your event.

  • Logo001

    Chocolate coated cake with chocolate logos

  • Logo002

    A square cake with logo printed on edible icing, decorated with blue and white chocolate slabs

  • Logo003

    Chocolate coated cake with logo printed on icing

  • Nov001

    Peppa Pig themed birthday cake all handmade with icing

  • Nov002

    Baby Shower pink chocolate layered cake

  • Nov003

    A delicate edible box of shoes

  • Nov004

    A cake wrapped in an icing bow

  • Nov005

    A tea party cake for a little lady. A layered cake decorated with hand crafted icing

  • Spec001

    Birthday cake coated with pink chocolate

  • Spec002

    Chocolate coated cake sprinkled with diamond glitter and decorated with fresh roses

  • Spec003

    A white chocolate coated birthday cake with message on a chocolate tag

  • Theme001

    A lamb shaped cake decorated with cream

  • Theme002

    Spider man cake decorated with plastic icing and cream

  • Theme003

    A doll cake with edible skirt

  • Theme004

    Bible cake covered with icing

  • Theme005

    Ferrari cake made from plastic icing

  • Theme006

    Christening cake covered with plastic icing

  • Theme007

    Birthday cake covered with icing and decorated with icing farm animals

  • Theme008

    Birthday cake covered in blue icing and decorated with a cookie monster

  • Theme009

    Square birthday cake coated with blue coloured chocolate and decorated with a skull theme

  • Theme010

    A square icing covered cake decorated with an edible gold coloured saxophone

  • Theme011

    A birthday cake moulded into a cowboy hat made from plastic icing

  • Theme012

    Confirmation cake decorated with a church made from Royal icing

  • Theme013

    A nautical theme christening cake made with handmade decorations from plastic icing

  • Theme014

    A castle fit for a princess. A layer cake decorated with plastic icing

  • Theme015

    A picnic first Birthday cake covered with a check table cloth made from icing

  • Theme016

    A layer cake coated with blue icing and decorated with a Mickey mouse

  • Theme017

    A layered cake coated with green icing and decorated with a ladybird theme

  • Theme018

    A tropical island themed birthday cake decorated with royal icing

  • Theme019

    A layered cake coated with royal icing and decorated with tools also made from icing

  • Theme020

    A two tier fairytale cake coated with and decorated with handmade decorations made from icing

  • Theme021

    A Winnie the Pooh themed birthday cake

  • Theme022

    A birthday cake made to look like a big cupcake

  • Theme023

    A white chocolate layered cream cake decorated with race car made from icing

  • Theme024

    A shark made from a layered cream cake and coated with icing